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Caver Integrated Solutions Tracking Application is based on building active safety culture & safety model to track and identify the current location of an Individual/Object.

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Director & Chief Executive Officer

This app can be downloaded on smartphones with Android & IOS technology which will assist in actual tracking and provide the basic information on location proximity. All our servers are secured with SHA256(Secure Hash Algorithm) encryption, it generates an almost-unique, fixed size 256-bit (32-byte) hash which protects all of your personal information. From online subscription to online data, all of your Caver account settings, profile, and data is secure. All personal and business transactions on our website are private network transactions which only you can see.



Locator acts as a head of opearations and locator is the one who locates the locatees with locatee's knowledge.



Locatee is the one who is acknowledged and located by the locator with locatee's knowledge.


Emergency alert

We offer these special services for the locatee to notify the locator in any emergency situations.

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